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Tesla Home Charger Installation San Diego County

Tesla made sure to provide its owners with multiple charging options, but they also recommend the home charging variant as one of the best.

Most EV owners recharge while parked overnight to prepare the car for the next trip. The battery usually requires just a few hours to charge, and the installation itself doesn’t typically require major upgrades to your home’s electrical system.

Besides being more cost-effective than supercharger stations, home chargers will slow down the car battery’s degradation thanks to the well-balanced charging process that doesn’t overheat the battery. Also, they are specifically designed to make charging as safe as possible without the chance of electrical system overload.

To be sure that the installation is performed according to the instructions, you’ll need to hire a certified electrician who is already familiar with the procedure. If you are looking for a fast and reliable Tesla home charger installation, contact us and schedule a visit from our experienced electricians team.

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Tesla doesn’t leave anything to chance. They have strict quality and permitting requirements for electricians who wish to perform EV home charger installations. Our electricians have been specially trained in electric vehicle charging installation and repair. You can rest assured that we’ll install the charger according to the manufacturer’s instructions and rules. We use high-tech equipment for the installation and will gladly provide you with professional advice when it comes to the charging kit selection.

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What Does Tesla Home Charger Installation Include?

The installation process itself depends on the exact kit your car model supports the best. Each car comes with a different home charging kit.

If you have a Tesla model S, you’ll need to have a three-phase wall plug to provide enough energy for the desired time. Other vehicles may need just a single-phase plug. Generally, the most effective way to provide your car with the maximum charge capacity is by using a three-phase charger.

Regardless of the wall plug type, we’ll make sure that the installation is fast and hassle-free. After you get in touch with us and we make an appointment, our team will come to your residence and get familiar with your electrical system’s status. Once we are sure that it’s faulty-free and ready to support the new add-on, we’ll install your new EV home charger and provide you with the information for its proper handling.

Contact Qualified Tesla Charger Installation Electricians

It is recommended to avoid DIY solutions when it comes to EV home charger installation as it is never safe to experiment with electricity. We provide a fast, reliable, and affordable installation that will be completely supported by your home’s electrical system without the risk of fire or any other hazard. We cover the entire San Diego area, so feel free to schedule a meeting with our experts today.

If you wish to speak to us directly, don’t hesitate to give us a call, or fill in the online form provided on our website and expect a prompt and detailed answer.

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