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Commercial Vehicle Charging Stations

Since electric vehicle usage and popularity are growing by the day, having a vehicle charging station at your business property can increase the passive income and mark it as eco-friendly which surely helps your reputation. After all, being eager to make our environment cleaner and more sustainable is one of the main characteristics of any forward-thinking entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a team of well-versed electricians who have in-depth knowledge of how to design and install a vehicle charging station that will fit your requirements, we are standing at your service. From professional consultation to any sort of rapid EV installation and maintenance, we are a team that can handle it all with ease and helps your business skyrocket.

Whether you are a retail store, hotel, restaurant owner, or anything else, we will come to your address, assess the current state of your electrical system and its ability to support the new gadget, and perform the given installation in the shortest time possible.

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Custom-Tailored Charging Stations

Depending on the branch you are in, we will help you decide which charging station is the best option for you.

In case you are a shop owner, it is ideal to go for a fast-charging station option since your customers can charge their vehicles within minutes while they are spending time at your premises. If you are a hotel owner, going for a Level 2 charging station seems like the wisest move since your visitors can fully charge their cars overnight which is the same option they usually have at home.

After you schedule the meeting with our professionals and we test the electrical system to determine whether there are faults, we will commit to site design and equipment selection. Once the installation is finished, you can count on us for ongoing maintenance which is required to keep the device in great condition for the longest possible time.

Keep in mind that we are standing at your service 24/7, so feel free to contact us as soon as you notice that the charging station is operating with certain difficulties so that we can repair it immediately and prevent any further damage.

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Professional Vehicle Charger Station Installation

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Whether you’ve already bought charging equipment or need our assistance when it comes to selection, we can help since we are well-familiar with all the first-class manufacturers and know which product can answer your demands.

In case you need to move or reinstall the existing charger or install the new one, our team will work as one to finish the task on time and leave only when sure that everything works perfectly. We have modern testing equipment that will provide a detailed report on the functionality of a newly installed vehicle charger, so you can rest assured that we guarantee for every job we perform.

Finally, we will take time and effort to explain to you how to use the charger properly and perform the necessary software adjustments on the spot.

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Feel free to contact our professional vehicle charger station installers today, and we will hear you out and create a custom-tailored offer that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

Keep in mind that we are an all-in-one electrical company that covers any sort of electrical work, so if you need us to improve the lighting at your parking lot and help you impress the customers even more, we will gladly do so. We share a common goal which is to see your business thrive, so feel free to contact us today via the online form, e-mail or phone, and ensure yourself a reliable and experienced business collaborator.


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