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GFCI (Ground-fault circuit interrupters) and arc-fault protection interrupters are both essential parts of a home’s electrical system which share a common role – to prevent any electrical hazards. The first interrupter is installed as a detector of abnormal changes in the current flow and prevents us from being electrocuted, while the other shuts down the electricity supply if there are electricity leaks and damaged wiring, and therefore, prevents electrical fire. 


We need to equip our electrical system with both of these outlets so that it remains adequately protected and functional at all times. To be sure that everything is done with great precision and according to the given protocols, you should always hire a licensed electrician to perform the GFCI & arc fault protection installation. 

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Is Professional GFCI & Arc Fault Protection Installation Mandatory?

To put it simply, installing these two electrical components saves lives, so having them installed at a certain area in our home is not only necessary but mandatory. 

Our team provides rapid and flawless installations and is well-familiar with the exact spots where these interrupters are needed. We’ll make sure that your electrical system is equipped with these protective gadgets anywhere near moisture or water like bathrooms, kitchens, garages, finished and unfinished basements, and others. 


To be sure that your home is kept up to code, especially if it is an older residency, we will first use the modern testing equipment to determine whether there is a need for additional upgrades. 

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Among a wide variety of house renovations and remodeling electrical services that we provide, GFCI & arc fault protection installation is certainly a routine job for our licensed electricians. 


We cover the whole San Diego area, so you can be sure that we will meet you wherever you are. After you book our services and we come to the given address at the promised time, our electricians will commit to finishing the tasks as soon as possible. After the installation is done, we will perform the testing to determine if everything is in order and leave your premises once we are sure that your home’s electrical system is ready for safe operation. 


If you are about to sell your property, you can benefit greatly from letting us take care of the GFCI & arc protection installation as this will surely increase your home’s value. We are also standing at your disposal for any major or minor electrical upgrades, so feel free to contact our team and we will make sure to create a customized offer and best deal.

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