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We often take electricity for granted and expect the system to function seamlessly even if we don’t maintain it regularly, but the fact is that even a minor electrical issue requires immediate professional consideration. Something as benign as a flickering or dim light can lead to power arching if neglected, just like tripping breakers can cause an electrical fire since the given malfunction warns us that the system is overloaded.

However, there is an effective solution that will keep everyone safe and sound, and save your money on the costly repairs – turning to the professional team of office electrical troubleshooting experts at Energo Electric.

Since we are an all-in-one electrical company that has a long tradition of providing you with premium services, you can find among our offers any type of electrical repair, maintenance, or upgrade your office might require.

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Since we know how the electrical system works and that any potential delays in repairing the given malfunction can be dangerous, we advise you to get in touch with us as soon as you notice anything different than usual.

We already mentioned that both flickering lights and tripping breakers are good enough reasons to give us a call, but the same rule applies to dead outlets, unprotected or insecure wiring, loose connections, and many more.

No matter what’s the core issue, our team will detect the problem within minutes thanks to the sophisticated equipment and extensive knowledge and experience. Based on our findings, we will provide you with a detailed report and then commit to solving the problem once you are notified about the work we need to do. Since we are operative 24/7, feel free to call us anytime, and we will make sure to be at your address in the shortest time possible, no matter where in San Diego you are.

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After we finish with the office electrical troubleshooting, we will get to work and make sure to fix the ongoing issue as soon as possible. Since we work as one and are highly organized, you can rest assured that we will not waste any of your time, so that you and your employees can get back to the tasks in no time.

Whether there is a need for a panel or switch upgraderewiring, additional electrical equipment, or new lighting installation, we can successfully deal with the matter on spot and leave your premises only when we are completely sure that everything is in order. To be sure that the system is ready to support your electrical needs in the office 100%, we perform final system testing after we finish all the given repairs.

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We witnessed too many times what damage a neglected electrical issue can cause to the electrical system, so we advise all our current and future customers to simply get in touch with our team and let us deal with the matter within minutes.

All our electricians are certified and trained to deal with any sort of electrical repair or upgrade, and we offer the upfront pricing which doesn’t include any hidden or additional costs. Keep in mind that you can also book our electrical safety inspection service for your office, and keep your electrical system up to code.


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