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Besides the fact that commercial property owners are obliged by law to have a smoke alarm system or widely known as a fire detection device on the premises, there are multiple reasons why you must include it in a building safety system. Smoke alarms have one of the most important roles on the commercial premises – to detect a fire immediately and save lives and material goods. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional team who will place them the adequate locations and perform the installation according to the given law. We cover the whole San Diego area and further, and have vast experience in commercial smoke alarm installation, so you can simply contact us today and ensure everyone on the premises remains safe always.
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The main difference between home and commercial alarm systems is that the second one is connected to the mains as it needs to cover a larger area and therefore requires a stable power supply. So, no matter in which part of the building there is a fire, the sound will be activated on the entire property.

Depending on your commercial property’s size, we can install a wired or hard-wired alarm system that is integrated with other systems in the building like a building management system. This is how you will have full control over the safety on your premises and rest assured that everyone on it is fully secure.

If the activities on the commercial property involve heat or gasses, it is important to let the professionals install the proper smoke alarm system which will not be triggered falsely. Avoiding false alarms will spare you from losing the fire safety policy integrity, but also prevent business interruptions, lost revenue, and overall discomfort of your staff at their working place.

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After you schedule a visit from our professionals, the first step includes testing your electrical system to determine whether it is ready to support new upgrades. In case there is a need for a certain repair, we will take care of it on the spot and prepare your system for the safest operation.

Depending on the type of commercial property and the given regulations related to it, we will install smoke alarms in every room or floor. Whether you have purchased a certain smoke alarm system yourself, or you wish us to help you select the best possible option, we offer our professional advice and assistance in any case.

After the installation is complete, we will test it to be sure that everything works properly and leave your premises once we are certain that the job is done correctly. We have a strong work ethic which includes upfront pricing and a respectful relationship with our clients since your trust is the first thing that keeps us motivated to be better by day. With us, you’ll never be faced with hidden or additional costs, and if we need to perform certain services on the spot, we will do so only with your consent.

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Besides the professional installation, we offer smoke alarm system maintenance and repair. We are standing at your service 24/7. Feel free to turn to us anytime and we will do our best to come to your premises in the shortest time possible and deal with the ongoing issue.

Feel free to give us a call if you need any clarifications, or book our services now via the online form, and we will get back to you with a detailed response quickly. If you are looking for a team of exquisite professionals who deliver what is promised, search no more as we certainly qualify as such.

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