Commercial Smoke Alarm Installation San Diego County

Commercial property owners are required by law to have a smoke alarm system or fire detection device on the premises.

Smoke alarms have one of the most important roles on the commercial premises – saving lives and material goods via fire detection. It is crucial to hire a professional team who will install smoke alarms according to code.

We cover the whole San Diego area, and have vast experience in commercial smoke alarm installation. Contact us today and ensure everyone on the premises remains safe.

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Commercial alarm systems are connected to power mains as they need to cover a larger area and require a stable power supply. This ensures that if part of the building is on fire, the alarm will be throughout the entire property.

Depending on your commercial property’s size, we can install a wired or hard-wired alarm system that is integrated with other systems in the building. Professional installation is especially important if the alarm system is triggered due to heat or gasses. Avoiding false alarms will spare you from business interruptions, lost revenue, and overall discomfort of your staff at their working place.

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After you schedule a visit, we’ll test your electrical system to determine whether it is ready to support new upgrades. If there is need for a repair, we will take care of it on the spot to prepare your system for the installation.

Depending on the type of commercial property and building code, we will install smoke alarms in every room or per floor. Whether you have purchased a certain smoke alarm system yourself, or you wish us to help you select the best possible option, we offer our professional advice and assistance.

After the installation is complete, we will test the system to be sure that everything works properly.


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