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Electrical switches are one of those gadgets that most of us never think about and expect them to function perfectly at all times. Still, as they are used to turn electrical current on or off for almost any electrical device and lights, malfunctions can happen from time to time.

We are standing at your service for both prompt switch installations and repairs, so feel free to contact our team anytime.

We cover the whole San Diego area and offer a wide variety of electrical services that every residential property requires to maintain a reliable and operative electrical system. When it comes to electrical switch installations and repair services, you can be sure that our certified and knowledgeable electricians consider this type of work as a routine one and promise rapid and efficient performance.

Professional Switch Installation

Whether you are about to renovate your home or are moving into a new one, there is a strong chance that some of the switches need to be replaced with new ones. Depending on the application, we’ll need to determine what type of switches you require. Single-pole, smart switch, or anything in between, we’ll make sure to supply you with the highest quality electrical components and take care of their installation.

We have vast experience in providing our premium electrical services for luxury & high-rise apartments as well, so in case you need a confident and skillful electricians team that is ready to do the job with 100% precision and efficiency, we are at your disposal.

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Is It Time For Switch Repair?

Noticing a small spark coming from inside a switch when you turn it off is quite normal, yet the larger spark indicates that there might be a problem that requires professional consideration. Especially if it’s followed by an audible noise similar to buzzing.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is when the switch is warm to the touch. Again, this is normal to some extent, but in case you’ve noticed that it is warmer than usual, and it is not getting cooler when turned off, feel free to contact our team and never worry whether the wiring inside is damaged.

A clear sign that you need a professional to deal with the job is when there is a cloud of smoke coming from the switch or there are scorch marks on it. It is highly advisable to avoid performing any switch repairs by yourself, even if you have some knowledge about it. Instead, turn to our certified and licensed electricians to carry out any sort of switch repair.

Contact Our Skilled Electricians Anytime

When we say anytime, we truly mean it, as our team is at your disposal 24/7. We are well aware that electrical issues can happen when least expected and in case they are not taken into account immediately, they can pose a great danger for you and your loved ones.

This is precisely why our professional electricians are available for San Diego residents at any time of day and night. Contact us via the online form provided on our website or give us a call and speak to our friendly customer representatives directly.


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