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Enhancing Outdoor Spaces: The Power of Low Voltage Lighting

When it gets dark, all of the hard work you’ve done to make your home, patio, and backyard stand out from the others is hidden, and a carefully designed landscape lighting system has the power to totally reverse that. When the space is brightly illuminated, it will not only give the house a new look in the evening and at night, but it will also allow you to use it effectively. Instead of having to accommodate everyone in the house for gatherings, you will be able to have them outside. Your home’s architectural elements, the garden’s trees, and the blooming plants will all have an opportunity to catch the light.

The majority of lower voltage lights are energy-efficient and run on 12-volt electricity. This kind of cutting-edge lighting system has many uses and is popular not only for outdoor lighting in residential landscapes but also for exterior lighting in commercial and industrial buildings. It provides distinctive and economical, high-quality brilliant lighting for the entire property, so think about this option when you are planning your house or backyard renovation.

The lifespan of LED landscape style lights is significantly longer than that of any other sort of traditional light bulb, including fluorescent or halogen comparable lights. These low voltage lights are also more ecologically friendly and energy efficient for outdoor use. Twelve-volt lights will always be superior to many other lighting systems in terms of energy conservation benefits, so why not consider installing them?

Today, we will talk about the power of low voltage lighting and how it can transform your living area into a true oasis of peace. 

Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functional, landscape lights add safety, protection, and visual appeal to your outdoor space and enable you to enjoy it after the sun sets. However, not all landscape lighting is made the same, and poor lighting may end up doing more damage than good to your home or garden. Let’s discuss the primary advantages of low voltage lightning now.

  • Energy Efficiency


Generally speaking, low voltage lights are quite energy-efficient, especially if we are comparing them to incandescent bulbs. By consuming just 20% of the energy of a standard bulb, these kinds of outdoor lights may also produce light of a higher quality than any other incandescent halogen light.

  • Much Safer Option


This is most likely the primary reason why residential homes should use low voltage landscape lighting. Having a low voltage lighting system with 12 volt power guarantees that you and everyone else in your home won’t get shocked if someone accidentally touches something. The consequences of an accident, however, will be severe if you choose line voltage, which uses 120 volts of power. As a result, there will be no risk of electrocution when these 12-volt LED lighting systems are installed outside and exposed to rain or snow.

  • Ease of Installation


Several safety precautions must be taken while installing a line voltage landscape lighting system, such as burying the wires at least 18 feet below the surface and making sure junction boxes are available to access the wire connections. Therefore, it is advised that you hire an expert to supervise the whole project. Experts at Energo Electric have all the expertise needed to tackle any task, so as soon as you are ready to make some changes, get in touch with their team of professional electricians. 

  • Cost Savings


Using low voltage lights will save you a lot of money on electricity bills and the ongoing maintenance costs associated with running outdoor lights. These lights use a lot less energy, last a lot longer, and provide more brightness than any other type of light for both exterior landscapes and building architecture.

  • Aesthetics


Since low voltage landscape lighting has been the de facto choice for residential properties, manufacturers have produced a significantly larger array of light bulbs for low voltage systems. Comparing a low voltage system to a line-voltage system, there are far more options available in terms of color and lenses. When creating the lighting effect, this gives you greater creative freedom. 

  • Environment Friendly


Because there is an increasing desire to boost sustainable energy efforts and since this initiative will have a significant impact on our future and well-being, it makes sense to use these lower voltage lights and save more energy in order to contribute to the environmental goals required to either stop the rapid depletion of our precious energy resources or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Enhances Outdoor Spaces With Low Voltage Lighting

When it comes to color and lens options, low voltage systems provide customers with many more options than line voltage systems do. This means that you can be more imaginative when planning the lighting’s effect, and you could probably get by with a more advanced lighting system instead of floodlights. Add some low voltage lighting to your property to draw attention to areas of interest like plants, fencing, and other elements. This will make your home stand out.

With the right lighting, almost anything is possible. Would you like an ambient light to draw attention to a lovely tree or pathway? Is there a way to bring romance to your outdoor living space or highlight a gorgeous flower bed? With your project, one of our team members is ready to assist you. We are the ideal option if you’re searching for an all-in-one electrical company that takes care of all your requirements and tailors an offer to suit your budget. We offer services at all stages of development, from installation to repair and maintenance, and we have a wide range of skills.

So, if you are planning to enhance your landscape, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need our services, and take advantage of our San Marcos low voltage lighting service. Energo Electric has been illuminating the outdoor spaces of residential properties for many years, and you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with outstanding service as well. We are available to you year-round for the maintenance and repair of lighting.